PCB Design for Easy Assembly

At Advanced Circuits we understand that keeping the cost of your printed circuit boards and assembly low is an important part of planning your order. We have collected a list below of printed circuit board design recommendations to help you with your PCB design for assembly. 
As you get your circuit boards ready for assembly, you can access Advanced Circuits’ industry-leading circuit board design layout software, PCB Artist. This is a FREE printed circuit board design software that leads the industry. When you have completed your printed circuit board design, we recommend that you use Advanced Circuits’ FREE File Check Service, FreeDFM.com. Both PCB Artist and FreeDFM are Exclusive Advanced Circuits services.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your board to help keep the PCB assembly cost down.

  • Use a good PCB layout package.  If you do not have one, Try PCB Artist, with free technical support. 
  • View your Gerber and Excellon files with a separate viewer, not just the one provided to you by your design package.
  • Begin by placing the components that require a specific location first.
  • Leave at least 100 mils between components and the Printed Circuit Board edge.
  • When it is necessary to have components on both sides, try to keep sensitive, heavy, or through hole components on the primary side of the printed circuit board as well.