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Three Ways to Have PCB Assembly Done Right

Circuit boards are in virtually everything electronic device you use, and while they are common, that doesn’t mean they’re simple. Printed circuit boards are complicated business, and to be assembled properly, require the right tools, the right parts, and the right know-how. Trusting a professional to perform the assembly means ensures that throughout the process, quality control measures will be followed and testing would be performed so you can rest assured knowing when you receive the PCB back, it will be functioning as needed. But what is the process for PCB assembly? Do you need to simply let the company know what you need, or are you required to submit every piece and part? Advanced Circuits makes PCB solutions easy – your assembly can be ordered in one of three different ways.

Advanced Circuits PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Choosing turnkey printed circuit board assembly is a great solution for any business. With this option, our professionals will gather all necessary parts and components as well as assemble the PCB. This PCB assembly solution is cost-effective and helps save time as we will ensure we have everything we need for the proper build.

Kitted/Consigned PCB Assembly

For those who know exactly what they want in their PCB, but perhaps don’t have the time or equipment to assemble, kitted printed circuit board assembly is a perfect choice. You can purchase all of the components and parts you want and need, and our experts will use each when assembling the PCB. This can help you have better control of production costs and know what to expect with the completed printed circuit board.

Combo PCB Assembly

Perhaps you have a few components you know you want to use in your PCB, but still need some parts to complete your PCB electromechanical assembly – that’s where combo PCB assembly comes in. You supply us with the parts and components you have, and we’ll supply anything you still may need, and professionally assemble it all together. This option still allows you to have some control of the production costs, as well as control over your most important components combined with the ease and time-saving capabilities of the Advanced Circuits team completing the work.

To learn more about our available PCB assembly options, view our quote order process page, or contact us today.


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